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How to upcycle a tshirt into diy patches

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How to upcycle a tshirt into diy patches

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How to upcycle a tshirt into diy patches

Don’t throw away pants with holes in the knees, take a few minutes and patch them instead! I couldn’t throw away the fun dinosaur scraps from another upcycle project, tucking them into a drawer, and realized they’d be a perfect diy patch once these sweatpants showed up in the Goodwill Outlet bins.

This project literally took 15 minutes, including taking photographs, so there’s no excuse to not try it out yourself! It’s also a fun way to personalize plain pants (or shirts) with your kiddo’s favorite colors or creatures.

fabric scrap mending tutorial

You can also use regular fabric scraps with this tutorial, like the example above!

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upcycled patch method mending

Pin this diy tshirt to knee patch refashion tutorial for later using this link or collage image:

creative knee patch diy

Ready to make your own?

How to upcycle a tshirt into jean patches



Here is what I started working with! These pants are Boden brand, scooped also from the Goodwill bins. I love the quality of their clothes; the knees are reinforced so just the top layer had the rip.

mending knit sweatpants

Step 1- I used a zigzag to close the hole, with the pants on the free arm of my machine.

heat n bond pants patch diy

Step 2- Cut out a chunk of Heat N Bond larger than the design, iron on the back per the directions. Cut the design out more precisely and peel the paper backing off.

heat n bond

Step 3- I recommend using a press cloth (plain, white piece of fabric) so the decal’s goo doesn’t get on your iron (like I did the first time). and adhere the patches wherever you want them, let them cool.

sewing on an applique

Step 4- Sew the patches on, using a zig zag or straight stitch close to the edges. Take your time and go slow as you rotate the pants around on your machine’s free arm; for very small spaces or pants, you may need to seam rip a side seam so you can sew it flat, then restitch them back together.

You’re done! Ta da!

upcycle patch pants diy

This is also a great way to upcycle baby onesies or smaller clothes that have cute decals and designs but also gross stains. There will be more patches like this in my future for sure!

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