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40+ best modern embroidery kits for beginners

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40+ best modern embroidery kits for beginners

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40+ best modern embroidery kits for beginnersI had so much fun putting together this list of modern embroidery kits! I started making it when I was researching an embroidery kit for my Mother-In-Law last Christmas (see the one I picked for her, in this post) and hand embroidery kits might be my new favorite gift to give. Not only are you giving something unique, you’re giving the gift of a new hobby! [Update- 7/2020, I deleted kits from shops that have closed and added some fresh ones! If you saw a pattern on a pin and don’t see it here, it’s because it is no longer for sale, my apologies!]

I love making these lists and often pick up patterns for myself as I browse; every pattern that I include in my round-ups is something I can picture on my wall or stitching up as a gift. There is a huge problem of big companies ripping off indie embroidery designer’s work and selling the stamped embroidery kits for beginners on Wish or Amazon, sometimes even Etsy – so all of these shops are original and independent as far as I can tell with my internet sleuthing!


Please only pin the collage image and not the individual patterns, so people are less likely to get lost if they’re looking for a specific designer! You can pin this post for later with this link:

hand embroidery kits


You won’t need any supplies if you buy one of these modern embroidery kits , but if you find yourself craving more embroidery check out this list of my favorite embroidery tools!

If you are looking for more embroidery project ideas, check out these other posts:

Ready for the list? Please be careful when shopping, several of them had different listing options with variations of supplies (i.e. a listing with no hoop vs a listing including a hoop) and you need to make sure you’re picking the right one!

Modern embroidery kits

inspirational hand embroidery kit

An inspirational and beautiful pattern from Lolli and Grace, this would be lovely in a family room!

Such a pretty use of empty space, I love this minimalist portrait embroidery kit from Brynn and Co.

stitch sampler kit

This one is so fun, a stitch sampler kit for your reference! This would be great to hang in your craft room, sold by Cutesy Crafts.

embroidered necklace kit

Embroidered necklaces are so fun and I would totally wear this leafy hand embroidery kit from Jess Long Embroidery.

tattooed lady hand embroidery kit

I don’t actually have any tattoos but I think they’re beautiful, and I love this pin-up-girl-esque kit from Vintage Mad by M.

constellation embroidery kit

This kit is so fresh and unique, it would look fantastic on my wall: constellation bear modern embroidery kit from Jenny Blair.

wildflowers embroidery kit

One of my new favorites as I update this list, a beautiful wildflower design from The Barmy Fox!

solar system embroidery kit

This solar system kit from September House is so unique, I love the layout!

Florals are the most common hand embroidery motif I think, and I love all the different textures in this one! A modern floral kit from Hoffelt & Hooper Co.

abstract embroidery kit

A dense, abstract embroidery kit with a few different color palettes to choose from, designed by MI embroidery kits.

good vibes only embroidery kit

Fun ‘good vibes only’ embroidery kits by Tangled Up In Hue, I love how this design fills the hoop!

topography embroidery kit

This looks abstract but it’s a topography map embroidery kit, how cool is that! Designed by Sunday Mornings Shop.

bright floral kit

This floral pattern is my jam! Love this kit, designed by Pop Lush Embroidery.

Perfect for 2020, I’m all about this funky ‘let’s stay home’ embroidery kit from Slow Evenings.

I love this text placement, this would be beautiful in a nursery. Free spirit embroidery kit from Hoops and Expectations.

plant lady embroidery kit

Some of my favorite colors used in this plant lady kit from Rosanna Diggs.

cactus embroidery kit bloom

This is simple enough to be done in a night but pretty enough you’ll want to display it after! Cactus in bloom embroidery kit from Earthologie.


moth embroidery kit

Obsessed with this one, a beautiful moth + moon design kit from Rikrack.

rainbow embroidery kit

A sampler is a fun way to practice different stitches, and this one comes all ready as a kit! Rainbow sampler kit from Oh Sew Bootiful.

plant embroidery kit

Little projects are fantastic for beginners, fast gratification! Love this trio, designed by TataSol.

Did you know we have black bears in our backyard? This bear embroidery kit is so cute, from Hook Line & Tinker.

A little creepy and a lot cool, this lunar face embroidery kit from Alifera is beautiful.

Looks really simple to stitch with lush, graphic results: floral modern embroidery kit from Brynn& Co.

mushroom hand embroidery kit

I love fungi and this mushroom embroidery kit looks like a lot of fun, from Jenny Blair.

cactus embroidery kit

I love cacti! This ‘full bleed’ style is super fun too, I’d love to stitch this kit up from Oh Sew Bootiful.

embroidered hummingbird kit

I love the hummingbirds behind our house! This is simple but has beautiful details, a hummingbird embroidery kit from Paraflle.

motivational embroidery kit

Love this motivational hand embroidery kit by Cotton Clara!

bright floral embroidery kit

How bright and cheery are these florals! Loving this dense, flower filled embroidery kit from TamarNahirYanai.

fungi embroidery kit

More mushrooms! I’d love to stitch this and turn it into a patch for a tote bag; embroidery kit from Hook Line & Tinker.

I love this ethereal, dreamy mermaid modern embroidery kit from TamarNahirYanai. It would be so pretty in a bathroom!

I love sashiko! You can see more sashiko tutorials in this old post but it is so relaxing and a perfect embroidery kit for beginners: Sashiko modern embroidery kit from Snuggly Monkey.

Another bonus with a kit is that you don’t have to pick coordinating colors; the palette is so pretty on this floral dark modern embroidery kit from HoffeltAndHooperCo.

Very on trend, this is a giftable Plant modern embroidery kit from Jess Long Embroidery.

houseplant embroidery kit

If you have a black thumb, stitch yourself some greenery instead with this house plant modern embroidery kit from Tata Sol studio.

The next time I need a project, I’m buying this pattern because I adore it.  Life lessons modern embroidery kit from Cozy Blue  Handmade (her moon phase embroidery pattern is one of my most popular embroidery posts!).


Another super cool, unique and cheery design: Bee modern embroidery kit from Cozy Blue Handmade.

Classic shapes and romantic colors in this Floral modern Embroidery Kit from Ellucy Stitches.

Clean, modern, friendly design with the Hello modern embroidery kit from Salty Oat.

This is perfect for a craft room! Loving the Sew Happy modern embroidery kit from Lolli & Grace – check out my list of free sewing room printables for other craft room decor ideas, too!

Classic needlecraft motif with a modern update, I love the jewel tones in this “Home sweet home” modern embroidery kit from Lolli and Grace.

A minimalist, sophisticated Bee modern embroidery kit from I Heart Stitch Art.

For the kitty lover, living for this Cat lady modern embroidery kit from I heart stitch art.

organza embroidery kit

Really unique, I’ve never stitched on mesh but such a cool effect with this transparent gingko leaf modern embroidery kit from Rainbow DIY Bracelet.

Beautiful embroidered bird pillow kit from Nancy Nicholson Design

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